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Cream of potato soup 5,30 EUR

Cream of tomato soup 5,20 EUR

Harz cheese with onions, bread and butter 4,50 EUR

Cheese cubes with french bread 4,80 EUR

Golden potato with smoked salmon, curd with herbs, dill
and mustard-sauce, small salad 10,80 EUR


Sausage salad "Frankfurt style" with stripes of apples
and hashed brown potatoes 7,80 EUR

Large salad plate with:
stripes of ham & cheese 11,80 EUR
stripes of fried turkey breast 13,80 EUR
fried mushrooms 11,80 EUR


Clubsteak, 300 g 29,80 EUR

Steak of turkey breast, 200 g 14,30 EUR

Rumpsteak, 220 g 21,80 EUR

All steaks with a small salad, bread and - your choice - herb butter, pepper sauce, fried onions, horseradish or bearnaise sauce

Side dishes:

Hashed brown potatoes 2,50 EUR

French fried potatoes 2,50 EUR

Potato wedges 2,50 EUR

Rice 2,50 EUR

Main courses

Mixed grill in a pan
medaillions of pork, beef and turkey with bearnaise sauce,
hashed brown potatoes and vegetable in season 17,80 EUR

Steak of pork with fried onions, mushrooms and bacon,
hashed brown potatoes 14,30 EUR

Escalope of pork "Vienna Style" with french fried potatoes
and a small salad 13,80 EUR

Escalope of pork "Hunters Style" with mushrooms, french fried potatoes
and a small salad 13,80 EUR

Sliced meat "Zurich style" with golden potatoes and a small salad 12,80 EUR


Swedish pudding with vanilla ice and whipping cream 4,10 EUR

Mixed plate of sweets "Kurhaus-Ochs-Style" 6,80 EUR

Mixed ice with whipping cream - 4 scoops 3,90 EUR


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Kanonenstraße 6 - 8
61389 Schmitten/ Taunus

4 Hotel Stars

An objective quality feature - German Hotel Classification

4 Hotelstars - German Hotel Classification


Hotel Kurhaus Ochs - Member of the private hotel brand Ringhotels



Enjoy our homemade cakes in our charming café.

Cafße in Schmitten, Hochtaunus